Healthsite X  St. Louis
Enrollment Specialists

Enrollers within Healthsite X St. Louis are specialists to the trade. The biggest component in employee benefit offerings is the education to the policyholder.  Benefits are sometimes a deal breaker for some employees, and by having a one-on-one education meeting, your employee has a firm appreciation for the benefits you provide.  This simple, free tool helps create a loyalty to your organization unlike no other. Below are some of the enrollment options that Healthsite X St. Louis has in their portfolio. 

One-on-One Education

Out of all the enrollment options, the one-on-one education meeting is by far the most beneficial.  After this 20-30 minute meeting your employee will have a firm understanding of their benefits program.

One-to-One Call Center

During the call center enrollment the benefits counselor goes over the program options over the phone, so they can walk them through their benefit options and the enrollment process.

One-to-One Co-Browsing

This is conducted over the phone and web with a benefits counselor, this option helps employees understand their benefits options and enroll in their choices. 

Web-based Self Enrollments

Employees can enroll via our website with communications that clearly outline each step.